Guitars I use:

1977 Guild D-35 (steel string)  Bought new.  Not the top of the line, but I really got lucky with this one.  Exceptionally bright tone, good sustain, really sings in open tunings.  I use this exclusively for anything in Open G, especially stuff by Leo Kottke.  Mahogany back and sides.


1965 A. Solar Gonzales classical (Madrid)  I bought this from Fusco sometime in the early 80s.  He bought it new in Spain.  Wonderful instrument, though it is starting to show its age a bit.  Palo Santo (lit., "holy wood") back and sides - probably Indian Rosewood.  Ebony fretboard.  Finegrain spruce top.


1969 Taurus Flamenco (Barcelona)  Great flamenco guitar with Spanish cypress backs & sides, not sure of the top.  Ebony fretboard and tuning pegs.  I think Fusco got this in New York; I bought it from him in the late 70s.


1967 Andres Martin Flamenco (Madrid).  Very interesting guitar.  Has that punchy sound characteristic of the standard flamenco instrument, but with a little more warmth and enormous volume and resonance.  Really works well with Latin music, especially bossa nova stuff.  I recorded "Paisaje Incaico" (see the In Progress page) with this.


2012 John Baxendale OM (Steel String) When I started looking for a new steel string (the trusty old Guild is also starting to show its age a bit), I thought I might get a Martin or maybe a Taylor.  But I was living in Colorado at the time, and John Baxendale of the Colorado Guitar Company had worked on some of my guitars.  I told him I was looking, and asked about his instruments.  I was hooked at first playing.  This OM he made has everything I want in a guitar:  responsiveness, tone, sustain, and great overtones (upper partials).  Wonderful instrument.  Don't have anything recorded yet with this to show it off but I'm working on a modified version of "The Twins" by Jim Earp and that will probably be the first. 


March 2018:  Why join the union?  See Mitch Notes...

February 2018: 
Terry Mitchell has been accepted as a member of the Denver Musician's Association (AFM Local 20-623).