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Written and performed by Terry Mitchell


Traveling through the Rockies in a 1966 VW bug with a burnt valve...

Arranged by Jerry Silverman
Written by Don Payne


This song by Don Payne is so cool - I found it in a book of guitar arrangements by Jerry Silverman called "Brazillian Beauties" (copyright 1970, Butterfield Music Corporation).  The only recording I have found is on an album by Chris Connor (Chris Connor Now!) and that version is a good example of that schmaltzy, overproduced early sixties approach to pop.  Which is a shame, because it is such a lyrical love poem.  Okay, so it is a little schmaltzy. I don't care, it's still a cool tune. It will be available after I get it mastered.


Love life, I found a love like the sunlight.
Together we share the soft nights, Brazillian songs and warm days.
We find the sea on a warm day,
A magic place where summer breezes play,
and sea spray that sparkles like a thousand jewels on the sands of time.
The way you look at me, Love was only in my dreams but you are real.
And you love me, stars explode as we dance together.
And you'll be there when winter's wind sweeps the trees bare.
Your lips are warm when the snowflakes swirl around us,
And never will I care when spring's a little late.
We have our love life, warm days, soft nights, sunlight, love.

Written by Jesus Benites


This is the first section of a small suite (Paisaje Incaico) by Jesus Benites I found in Classic Music Of Amerindia (copyright 1979, Zen-On Music Co., Ltd., Tokyo).  The legend is that Ollantay was a warrior who falls in love with a nobleman's daughter.  Cusi Coyllur (“Happy Star”) was the daughter of the Inca Pachacutec, the ninth Inca Emperor (1438-71 ), who transformed a small Inca kingdom into the famous empire, Tawantinsuyu. He disapproves of the love between his daughter and Ollantay; when they marry, Ollantay is persecuted, leading to a battle in which the valiant Ollantay offered a ferocious resistance that would last nearly a decade, during which Cusi Coyllur is kept captivity by her father’s orders.

When the Inca Pachacutec dies, Ollantay, now a prisoner, is presented before the new Inca Tupac Yupanqui, who hears the beautiful story of their love and recognizes their marriage.  A happy end for a beautiful but little-known story, told in song here as imagined by J. Benites.  Not bad for a first take.  Interesting song.

T. Mitchell
Jesus Benites


This is the 5th section of the short suite Paisaje Incaico by J. Benites.  Inti Raymi is the Inca Festival Of The Sun.  Very cool piece of music.


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