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Written by Jesus Benites


This is the first section of a small suite (Paisaje Incaico) by Jesus Benites I found in Classic Music Of Amerindia (copyright 1979, Zen-On Music Co., Ltd., Tokyo).  The legend is that Ollantay was a warrior who falls in love with a nobleman's daughter.  Cusi Coyllur (“Happy Star”) was the daughter of the Inca Pachacutec, the ninth Inca Emperor (1438-71 ), who transformed a small Inca kingdom into the famous empire, Tawantinsuyu. He disapproves of the love between his daughter and Ollantay; when they marry, Ollantay is persecuted, leading to a battle in which the valiant Ollantay offered a ferocious resistance that would last nearly a decade, during which Cusi Coyllur is kept captivity by her father’s orders.

When the Inca Pachacutec dies, Ollantay, now a prisoner, is presented before the new Inca Tupac Yupanqui, who hears the beautiful story of their love and recognizes their marriage.  A happy end for a beautiful but little-known story, told in song here as imagined by J. Benites.  Not bad for a first take.  Interesting song.


February 2018: 
Terry Mitchell has been accepted as a member of the Denver Musician's Association (AFM Local 20-623).