Mitch Notes

Do Unions Matter?

In unity there is strength - why I have joined the American Federation of Musicians.

Support For Students at MSDHS - Parkland, Florida

Bravo to students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who, in the midst of their own anguish, point out the hypocrisy of our politicians hiding behind the second amendment (and lobbyists encouraging them to do so) while our children are being slaughtered in their classrooms.

"Along Comes Mary" Lyrics Deciphered Based On Mayan Glyphs

Mitchell asserts that the lyrics to the 1960s hit "Along Comes Mary," which, despite the song's popularity, have never been understood by anyone, are actually vocalizations based on Mayan hieroglyphs. - Legit or Scam?

ArtistPR - legit or scam?  Valuable or waste of money? 

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March 2018:  Why join the union?  See Mitch Notes...

February 2018: 
Terry Mitchell has been accepted as a member of the Denver Musician's Association (AFM Local 20-623).