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"Along Comes Mary" Lyrics Deciphered Based On Mayan Glyphs

The 1960s hit "Along Comes Mary" (ACM) was my second all-time favorite song, even though (to this day) all the lyrics, which do have some metric structure and the occasional rhyme, are nonetheless an unintelligible jumble, an impenetrable syllabic jungle, except the title phrase itself.  And the engimatic reference to "my empty cup."  Some believe this is a direct reference to coffee, or lack thereof.  My own theory is that these phrases are not lyrics, in the strict sense of the word, but vocalizations based on Mayan hieroglyphs.  Given the Mayan influence, cacao is far more likely than coffee.  Here is a rare photograph of a shrine to the Mayan deity Chokixtcil, worshiped primarily for bringing cacao down from the heavens, but also for curing foot fungus:

Here, Chokixtcil looks on impassively as a member of Mayan nobility partakes of fresh cacao, relishing both the flavor - and the unique blessing of dry, healthy feet in the middle of the Central American rain forest:

Here we see the Mayan glyph for cacao:

This vocalization is clearly heard in both the 2nd and 4th stanzas of ACM.  I will present additional substantiation in the days and weeks to come, as this research is ongoing.  Meanwhile, I am open to any other interpretations - as long as they have sufficient

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