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Terry Mitchell’s Good Touch Now On Pandora


Good Touch, a compelling collection of instrumentals by guitarist Terry Mitchell, is now accessible on Pandora® Internet Radio (see .


Good Touch features 10 instrumentals that reflect Mitchell’s many influences. He honors Leo Kottke with the classic "Watermelon" from Kottke's "6 and 12 String Guitar." Two selections from the great American songbook - "Over The Rainbow" and "The Boy Next Door" - were arranged by Laurindo Almeida, the great Brazillian guitarist who helped bring bossa nova to the US. Also featured is "Modo De Gitanos," a flamenco piece written by Mitchell’s mentor, G. Ricardo Fusco. The other pieces, all by Mitchell, are "Fanfare For Fusco," "Blue I," "The Dance," "Gentle Song," "Goodbye, Sexy Carol," and "Mine/Her Dance."

With Good Touch accessible on Pandora, guitar enthusiasts can enjoy how Pandora pairs Mitchell’s work with that of other guitarists such as Kottke and Almeida. Pandora lets each listener create and refine up to 100 unique stations that launch from a single "seed" that can be an artist (such as Mitchell), a song (such as those on Good Touch), or a genre (such as instrumental acoustic guitar).


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About Terry Mitchell and Good Touch: Mitchell brings a streamlined approach to the instrument in which musicality reigns. Good Touch will capture listeners at first hearing; repeat listening reveals additional depth to each song. Recommended for those who appreciate acoustic guitar and innovative musical compositions, it is available for purchase, as MP3 downloads or a CD, via CD Baby at:


About Pandora: Tens of millions of people turn on Pandora daily. The system leverages the Music Genome Project, a musical taxonomy that is the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken. Pandora was created by and for musicians and music-lovers who, like Mitchell, believe passionately in music, have profound respect for those who create it, and want to make it easy to enjoy. Experience it at See also Pandora’s blog.


March 25, 2014:  Mitchell Releases “Good Touch”  CD – World Leaders React With Shock, Disbelief


In a dramatic announcement, guitarist Terry Mitchell acknowledged that he has released Good Touch – his first complete CD, 10 instrumental selections for guitar, 6 of them original, a project more than 25 years in the making.  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is considering calling a special session to discuss this unexpected, and unprecedented, development.  Reaction across the world community has ranged from skepticism to outright anger; some global leaders were quick to respond:

“Who?”  – Barrack Obama


“Are you kidding me?” – John Boehner


 “Nyet!” – Vladimir Putin


For his part, Mitchell is taking the controversy in stride.  “If you had told me, when I first started work for Lockheed Martin,” said the longtime systems engineer, math guy, technical writer, and data correction clerk for the well-known IT services company, “that the project would take two and a half decades, I would have said, yeah, sounds about right.”


March 2018:  Why join the union?  See Mitch Notes...

February 2018: 
Terry Mitchell has been accepted as a member of the Denver Musician's Association (AFM Local 20-623).