The Early Years

Terry Mitchell . . .

. . . developed a desire to study guitar in the 4th grade, in Montgomery Alabama . . . led to the purchase of a classic Kay much like that shown here:

Kay Guitar, circa 1962

Mrs. Esquibel’s music studio . . . a steel extension nut to raise the strings so high that they couldn’t be fretted; heavy contoured steel bar for the left hand; thumb and finger picks for the right hand . . . intensive study of Hawaiian lap steel technique . . . a workmanlike rendition of  “The Bluebird Waltz” . . . 

5th grade, Aurora Colorado, music is taught in school . . . friendly teacher removed the hated extension nut and taught from a basic violin book . . . a “plectrum” was needed, said teacher recommended use of a quarter (not making this up) as a pick . . . after several months, a fairly rousing solo version of “Drill Ye Tarriers Drill;”  discovery of Mel Bay books.  By the end of the 6th grade, mastered the chords for “Whispering” ("...while you cuddle near me ...") followed by many years with little advancement . . . at some point, the old Kay, extension nut, bar, finger picks, all discarded in favor of a nice little Harmony, something like this one:

The mahogany Harmony - nice guitar

. . . impressing friends in the 8th grade by knowing all 3 chords for “Yellow Submarine.”  An aborted attempt at rock ‘n roll in the ninth grade using a strat copy built somewhere under the Decca brand . . . truly one of the worst electric Decca Electric Guitar circa 1968guitars ever made . . . that and a Magnatone amp (with electronic vibrato!) fairly screamed “guitar nerd” but it was loud and kept me out of trouble. 

After high school, during which nothing of interest happened, I sold the old Harmony for $50 (still regret that) and in 1971 bought my first nylon string guitar, a Yamaha G-170A which I still have.  I think I paid $100 for it.  You know what?  After all these years it doesn’t sound all that bad, for a plywood guitar, and I use it almost every day for scales and other technical work.  I had it fitted with a pickup some years ago and it doesn’t sound bad when amplified.

News & Views

Good Touch is available through CDBaby.  See the Music page for more info and song samples.


8/26/16:  Guitar music featured during dinner hours for the 8th annual Mountain Resource Center Bowls event on Tuesday, October 18th. 

8/27/14:  Good Touch accepted by Pandora for inclusion in the Music Genome Project.  See the press release page for more information.

8/10/14:  Incomprehensible lyrics to 60's hit Along Comes Mary linked to Mayan hieroglyphs...see Blog for more...

7/1/14:  Audio pages updated to allow streaming of all songs from Good Touch in full.

6/7/14:  New blog entry describing recent experience with - scam, or legitimate service?  

4/1/14:  Radio Guitar  chooses "Mine/Her Dance" from Good Touch for their New Tracks playlist.